The Gambri Player

The waxy, arythmic tones of the Gambri seemed to carve their way into my soul. His fingers, dark and fine and nimble. Midday sauntered through the windows, casting alight the smoke and dust in the air. It was in a small city on the Atlantic coast, at a local cafe down a narrow alleyway, over […]

The Hash Dealer

Outside the medina it was windy. The beach was floodlit, and the glow of lights from the boulevard appeared pink and red. I got a text from two french girls I met, who were returning to the town I was in. They wanted me to get some drugs for tonight. It was 8PM, and I […]

Addicted to Travel

Or addicted to the dick associated with travel. Haha. So just to update you guys, I’ve been:   – In the Netherlands for two weeks – Currently in Morocco – Missing my Dutch boy like crazy (more on this later) – And have less than $500AU in the bank account   Oh shit! And there […]

A boy from Oxford

nThe bus heaved up the hill and out of Kathmandu Valley, past the verdant landscape of Nepali farmland in the monsoon season. Towering chimneys of brick factories punctuated the horizon. I tightened my grip around the bars on the rooftop of the bus, in an attempt to avoid being lurched forward, backward, and up and […]

Travelling Blues in Thamel

It was amongst the shittiest of dorms. Apparently recommended by the Lonely Planet, it essentially was a dorm room within another dorm room, with beds crammed in to make use of the precious Thamel real estate. No ventilation, no fan, and a window that looked out into the other dorm was pretty useless. It clearly […]