4 Guys I met in the Philippines

A call center worker, some sort of supervisory role. An American accent. His dad was a black American who he never met. Tall dark, a bit sassy. Tells me funny stories of customers getting real angry on Amazon that their dildo they ordered is three days late. Sexually frustrated. Smoke’s like a chimney, drinks whenever […]

How to meet guys on the road

Finding guys while travelling can be pretty challenging. Here are 3 ways you can meet gay travellers and locals on the road, whether you’re looking to make a new mate to hang out with, travel with, or just someone to share that glorious 10 day load you’ve worked up coz you’ve been staying in shitty […]

A Guide to Gay Fiji

White, palm-lined beaches, carefree smiles, and fit Fijian men with muscles on top of muscles. Yeah, Fiji is pretty great. Though if your expecting an off the beaten track, adventure driven experience, Fiji doesn’t have much to offer. The majority of tourists that come here are couples or young families from Australia, however there are […]

Paying for it?

His boarding house was a hollow concrete block. At the end of his room was a wooden bed base with no mattress, next to it, a bamboo arm chair. Random writing and drawings littered the concrete walls in permanent marker. It reminded me of a friend I had in Australia who would smoke a lot […]

The Israeli in Bangkok

He pursed his lips to the side, letting a smooth whispery jet of smoke escape from his mouth. His eyes were on me as he took another drag of the hookah, blew a couple of perfectly formed Os, and handed over the ornate gold pipe. I watched as they hung in the air, dissipate, his […]

No Love in Legazpi

There he was, the mic clasped just below his lips singing some incredibly cheesy song I’ve never heard of before. At times he was off key, but it in a strange way it was pleasant to listen to. Karaoke – best experienced or dealt with boozed up is something I’ve missed about south east Asia. […]

A Broken Dick in Manila

Sometimes I think I’m crazy and have too much sex. I’m in Makati, Manila, it’s 5AM and I just came back from this fit filipino guy’s place after we were going at it when my fucking frenulum (banjo string) tears. A man should never see a bleeding dick In his life. It is scarring, like […]