4 Guys I met in the Philippines

Written by awayandgay

A call center worker, some sort of supervisory role. An American accent. His dad was a black American who he never met. Tall dark, a bit sassy. Tells me funny stories of customers getting real angry on Amazon that their dildo they ordered is three days late. Sexually frustrated. Smoke’s like a chimney, drinks whenever he has a day off. Fun. He supports his family, and is superlatively giving. Tries to bite your lip too much when you kiss. Spent a couple of weeks together, then something happened. Too much attachment, I said that I couldn’t be monogamous.


A copywriter, who seems to exist in a state of grey. The quotes he comes up with in the local language all point to a previous love or experiences he can’t seem to forget. Friendly, smart, attractive yet pays to be wanked off by the massage man down the road. An anal virgin at 28. And not just saying it as a turn on. We spent one drunken night dancing at the queerest bar in Manila: Today X Future. Inevitably ended at Hotel SoGo. He wrote a story about us in Tagalog. We met on tinder in Manila.

Some dude that came to my hotel in Legazpi at 2AM in the morning after a massive cycle. He hosts couch surfers, and is a workaway host in the south of the Philippines. Super cute, and super shy. We connect. I cycled for three days beforehand and was super horny. One of the types of guys who says they don’t want sex yet spoons you and gets a hard on. Insisted on darkness before having sex. Super positive all the time. Is in touch with his intuition.

The one I spent the longest with. He didn’t even have a photo on Planet Romeo. He said he was on his way to SM, I was already there so I waited. I was pretty fucking lonely at that point. He has big beautiful dopey smile which told me everything is okay, and there really is nothing that big in life to be too concerned about, and gave belief to maybe life is but a dream. Simple, easy to understand. When I ask him what he’s been up to he says “I milked the cow lol, I work in the fields”. It reminds me of how different, yet similar we are.

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