How to meet guys on the road

Written by awayandgay

Finding guys while travelling can be pretty challenging. Here are 3 ways you can meet gay travellers and locals on the road, whether you’re looking to make a new mate to hang out with, travel with, or just someone to share that glorious 10 day load you’ve worked up coz you’ve been staying in shitty dorms for that long

  1. Grindr

For those of us with iPhones or Android phones, Grindr is pretty fucking awesome. As its based on your location, meeting guys nearby can be a sinch. And as its all online, we’re more likely to say what we are really after, and feel a bit more confident talking to guys and initiating conversation. So usually I’ve had pretty shit luck (either that or my profile pic sucks) with connecting with guys through grindr, though I’ve met a couple. One guy I’ve met up with though has apparently “met” 13 guys over 4 months travelling through India and Nepal. Pretty impressive huh. Guys you meet on here tend to be young backpackers, creepy old dudes, and a cool mix of local people. Other apps for android & iPhone include scruff, jack’d & planetromeo (particularly good in India/Nepal).

The downside is that it’s pretty hit and miss depending where you are. If you’re in Bangkok your likely to have quite a few people in close range… But if your in Mysore in India the closest guy could be 324km away.

  1. Gay Places

Gay bars and shit are fun for a while. Until you realise your off your face and the only guys talking to you are ‘money boys’….Nah, from my experience most guys at gay bars / restaurants etc tend to be older demographic (this is purely relating to south east Asia). Though I’ve really only been to a couple. Official gay venues sometimes aren’t an option when your in places like Vietnam, unless your okay with going to dodgy malls/parks etc to meet guys. I reckon suss out gay bars etc. anyway, even if its just walking by as its pretty interesting to see gay culture around the world. is an excellent resource that shows you where its all happening and encompasses the Asia / Africa region.

  1. Your guesthouse / hostel

This ties in with what I posted earlier in regards to coming out or not while travelling. Where do gay backpackers stay? At hostels / and guesthouses like everyone else. Most gay guys that travel through developing countries tend to be a bit less perceptibly gay than others… So the guy your sharing a dorm with, sharing a tuktuk / rickshaw ride with, the guy you met at the bar, or you met on the bus/train/boat…. just might be gay….might be. And if neither of you are willing to be ‘out’ there’s bit much chance of anything developing…

  1. Gay dating profiles… – pretty straightforward. Do a search based on the location your in, or the a location you’ll be in soon. There’s bound to be a few, though responses may not be as immediate as some of the apps I talked about earlier.

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