Written by awayandgay

The intricately woven web, flows and surrounds us during the day, in perpetual fabrication. With us while we go about doing our day to day things, while we interact, while we eat, wait in line or stand in the shower. A fine silken web that at the best times only restrict us, and at the worse prevents us from truly seeing clearly. It tells us the following stories:

  • Do not start a conversation with the attractive stranger, for they will not welcome your presence


  • Stick to the well worn path, as it guarantees safety


  • I must be perceived in a certain light, and if not I am at a loss


And sometimes in moments of silence, of grace, or when communing when nature – this web dissolves, and an underlying presence is experienced.

Then, perhaps it becomes more visible in day to day life, and awareness of its tendency to pilfer moments from us is realised.
Then we long for those moments when intuition intervenes, when web becomes thread and becomes less restricting.

The web is anchored in our past, and extends like a vine into the future. It impairs our ability to move freely in the present. Yet we sit, day after day, weaving these fibrous webs, delicately, delicately.

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