The Filipino Physio

Written by awayandgay

We sip our Red Horse beers at a bar in Puerto Princesa. A cover band plays, and the lead singer is a fair skinned, willowy Filipina with flowing black hair in tight, white mini shorts. She sings with an American accent. The crowd, seated around dozens of wooden circular tables, seem reluctant. It’s too early, barely 10AM.


Most Filipino guys tend to be quite reserved and shy, especially towards foreigners or those who don’t speak the language fluently, even if they are ripped, which I find quite cute. This was the case with him, but eventually we find out we both work in a similar field and conversation picks up. We have a single beer then decide to leave and head back to his.


It was funny, I remember him clearly trying to discern my features when he first picked me up, trying to determine whether I was attractive or not – what a dick. He was hot, and masculine in a  natural way. He was solidly built, with a broad chest and massive arms. He was a physical therapist, athletic and liked to talk. I always wanted to sleep with a physio. His intelligence and knowledge of the human body seemed to turn me on. In my head I was already trying to work out whether this would equate to better action in the bedroom.


I remember being back at his, him fiddling with the remote for the TV for some reason, and me standing behind him being like ‘come on.. lets have sex now’. His skin was incredibly smooth, but I find this funny as I say this about almost everyone I sleep with. We move from the bed to the shower, and thats when I realised this dude was pretty loaded: he had a working shower head and hot water. Fancy.


We have sex, and somehow we end up falling asleep. I woke up at 1AM. I always seem to wake up hard, and did some moves on him to get him in the mood. He was like man it’s 1, we better get you back to your hotel. Understanding what he meant, and a little disappointed at this dudes sex drive, I agreed and we walked to his car.


So we drive for a bit then we stop in the middle of the road in the forest. I must say sometimes I’m a pretty paranoid person (thanks Chefchaouen). He took off his shirt, and opened the door. So in this instance, as we took off our clothes, I swear he was going to either rape and bury me in the forest or leave me in the middle of the fucking road naked. Yeah I’m fucking weird sometimes. What ensued was perhaps the most thrilling encounter I’ve had, with risk being the centre of it.


We kissed like mad men, and guys here seem to like to kiss really crazy. He was assertive when it came to sex yet let me take control. I couldn’t get my hands off him. At one point he turned on his headlights, he was bent over the bonnet of the car, wanting to be fucked. But we had no condoms. He’s insistent. And I kind of understand now, that its not easy to decline unprotected anal sex, when you are incredibly horny. Being in a high state of arousal sometimes makes you do crazy things, sometimes even makes you sleep with people you later consider unattractive.

We satisfy our needs, awkwardly try and get clean without rags or tissues and smoke a cigarette on the drive back to where I was staying.

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