Paranoia at Parc de la Ligue Arabe, Casablanca

Written by awayandgay

It’s my second day in Casablanca, the youth hostel is deserted, aside from a stick-thin 60 year old Moroccan guy in my dorm with a massive beard who keeps asking me about my opinion of the King, and says ‘good to see you, see you tomorrow’ (though he speaks very politely) every time I see him. So it’s almost 10PM and I decide to go on a long walk. I meandered around the medina, got lost in the souqs, then headed out, and found myself in a park with rows of perfectly lined palms. It’s dimly lit, a soccer game blares in one corner, I walk past a couple sitting on a bench, and continue down the main path.

After a while, I notice that it’s only men (which isn’t unusual) at this side of the park, and they seem to be walking around aimlessly. I relight my spliff and sit on a bench. Quite soon, a cute Moroccan guy in his late teens sits down next to me. ‘Bonjour’ he says. Fuck I wish I really had learnt French. ‘Cava, Bien?’ I say – which is pretty much the extent of my knowledge of the language. Through non-verbals I know exactly what he’s after. I tell him I have no money, with the suspicion this dude is after some because he seems way too attractive for me (and the fact Moroccan men have asked me for money, after sex – come on, are you kidding? you guys should be paying me). The fact that he might be underage also fucked me around a bit.

And though he was cute, with a lean muscular body – we didn’t get up to anything. He was adamant all he was after was a bit of fun. Perhaps it was because I’d smoked too much and was becoming paranoid. Or maybe I didn’t really like the idea of sex in the park. Firstly, he was incredibly forward, and despite me declining and walking off he follows. Eventually he leaves, noticing my disinterest.

I keep walking, and meet a guy who speaks English decently. He tells me what he’s after, and I tell him that I’m not really after anything. He tells me that it’s difficult being gay in Morocco, and to be weary of STDs. He asks a bit about me, and asks whether I have a credit card on me. WTF? We were talking before about how I funded my travels, but this question kind of made me a bit more paranoid. Then a bit later, asks whether I have my passport on me – just in case the police come he says. I wasn’t sure whether this guy was sketchy.

We go for a walk, and the young guy from earlier shakes his hand, and starts eyeing me again. Then it becomes weird and the other guy, who asked me about money, was becoming very insistent that me and the other dude hook up. I didn’t quite understand, there had to be a catch. I hesitate for a long time, and ask him why he’s so insistent that me and this other dude make sex in the bushes. His explanation was, that we are all after sex,and the other guy was new to it (he looked pretty ballsy to me), and he just wanted to connect us. Apparently the young guy was also into asians (cool man). He wanted to hook a brother up. Fuck, this is all so weird.

He keeps insisting, and the guy has an incredibly cute, smile, and that slick navy track suit he’s wearing is kind of sexy. He touches me a bit but I and even though I want to be that fearless, adventurous backpacker dude who hooks up in public with attractive men, coincidentally on walks in foreign countries, I couldn’t. But I suppose he did suck me off for a bit until I became too paranoid and left (aka couldn’t get hard).

Anyway here are some tips for the park – coming from someone who didn’t even hook up, and has only been to this park once, if you plan on going:

  • Know some basic French or Arabic
  • Don’t bring anything valuable with you
  • Determine whether guys are expecting payment before you do anything (unless your loaded)
  • Stay in well lit areas until you meet your special someone ?
  • Do it safely: Most Moroccan men that sleep with men are tops, and will try and fuck you in the park, they don’t tend to use condoms
  • Don’t go there high

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