Drinks, Macho Dance Bars, and Sex on the Hostel Rooftop in Manila

Written by awayandgay

I always seem to meet tonnes of gay backpackers in the hostels I stay in. I’m staying in Pink Hostel, Manila (perhaps it was the name that got ’em – this isn’t actually a gay hostel), and I see this cute Australian Asian dude like 7m away (On Grindr, obviously). It’s pretty late, as I just arrived in from a 10 hour bus ride from Bicol. So we get chatting but don’t end up meeting until the morning.


The hostel turns out to be pretty lame and everyone just sits around on their Wi-Fi device. I wake up and head to the common area for breakfast, he sees me, nods, and I remember how misleading Grindr profile photos can be. Anyway he’s an alright dude, traveling alone for the first time, and for the day we head to some markets along with some fucking annoying German girl.


After the markets, I ditch these two to do my own shit. I head back to the hostel, and find the Aussie dude chatting to some cute, short English dude and what I assumed was his girlfriend. So these two British travelers were pretty insane and hilarious – they were working in China and both of them seemed to have an obsession with Chinese men and told about how sexy and how accommodating they were.


So it turns out the English dude is gay, and he told me there was this one Chinese guy who would lay out toothpaste and a new toothbrush whenever they hooked up, and he imagined that he had some creepy box stashed full of toothbrushes somewhere. Cute. He also reckoned Asians, and Chinese guys especially have a massive thing for nipples and tongue.


Us four head out for a couple of drinks, conversation runs freely, and somehow turns to the subject of macho dance bars aka male strip clubs, me and the English dude are super keen, and the other two are pretty open to the idea. So we hop into a taxi.


Excited to see half naked men, we head into some place called Adonis, and get ushered to a table. There are a group of guys pretty muscular guys on stage in skimpy clothing, its hot / weird, we’re the youngest there, and we quickly leave because drinks are a rip off. And by ripoff only like $4 a beer, compared to $1 which could be had elsewhere.


We head instead to Padi’s point, a bar on Timog Avenue, where we were pretty sure half of the guys there were gay. We drink, we dance, we get chatting to some gay locals. We manage to boogie in the tight little square dance floor teeming with gay guys and what appeared to be fat Filipino whores. We try another macho bar, but then leave once we see the prices again (such tight ass travellers!).


By the end of the night we’re sitting at a streetside eatery, and after about 30 minutes discussing what to get, half the shit we want is unavailable. Yeah this is the Philippines. It’s 2AM by the time we head to the hostel, the girl and the Australian head to bed, and me and the English guy decide to go for a ‘walk’. So a night on the piss, visiting bars with dancing men, and dancing in a bar full of gay guys, plus staying in a dorm makes you feel… Yeah horny.


I’m a combination of drunk and tired, and we’re walking down a deserted street outside the hostel at 3AM in the morning, we consider getting ‘massages’. Haha. This dude pipes up, and says ‘Do you want to have sex?’ It’s never really happened like that.


I seem to have this complex where I think guys I quite like aren’t really into me. He flashes me a smile. “Where do we do it?”, he asks. We look around, and he suggests a space under a stairwell of some building. Haha fuck no. “The rooftop of the hostel man!” We ride the elevator back up, he’s fucking groping at his package, and once we’re up there we get into it.


We climb the stairs, find a corner and we’re all over each other. And when we’re kissing, the thought comes into my head that I’m one of those gaysians that does the whole trying to swallow your tongue thing. Soon we’re down on the rough concrete, and I realise that height doesn’t really matter when your horizontal.


He’s the type that tends to get pretty verbal during sex, saying shit like fuck yeah, yeah your good. I like guys like this. If you think of sex in terms of intensity, ours didn’t seem to wane, there were no moments of slow, deliberate movements. It was instinctual, primal, and mutually unrestrained… the way I imagine gay Neanderthals would’ve went about… if they grunted dirtily to each other. Yeah – not really good imagery. We climaxed simultaneously.


Despite it being close to 5AM, we don’t head to bed. Both reclined in hammocks on the rooftop, waiting for sunrise, we talked about lots of shit and were open and honest with each other. We watched the waking sun slowly weave it’s fingers through the high rises, illuminating the smoke that hung over the city. He was leaving the following day. It’s always like this – but this is travel.

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