A Broken Dick in Manila

Written by awayandgay

Sometimes I think I’m crazy and have too much sex. I’m in Makati, Manila, it’s 5AM and I just came back from this fit filipino guy’s place after we were going at it when my fucking frenulum (banjo string) tears. A man should never see a bleeding dick In his life. It is scarring, like my soon to be dick. So I went back to my hotel, consulted Dr. Google, then worried about having to be circumcised, getting a fucking frenuloplasty (sounds fun), or getting an infected dick. So I seeked consolation and advice from guys I’ve previously slept with (and someone who is more than that), comforted by being called ‘El Scarro’, and a one liner ‘battle scars = great stories’ (plus actual genuine empathy) I kind of felt alright and am about to head to bed.


So this is my first post in a while, and it looks like it takes my fucking cock to bleed to want write anything. Why on earth do I want to share my broken dick stories with the world? It’s probably because I can’t sleep. Perhaps it’s therapeutic. So no sex for a while I suppose – it sucks balls (OMG this might be my new blowjob). Pics to be uploaded soon of the healing process in 3 day intervals. Stay tuned.

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